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UHMWPE Fender Panel
UHMWPE Fender Panel


UHMWPE Fender Panel

UHMWPE fender panel is used in port and dock with the properties of light weight, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-ultraviolet radiation, aging assistance, low friction coefficient, energy absorption etc. UHMWPE fender panel can effectively prevent boat and dock from ultraviolet radiation irradiation and boat impact.

Dimension of our uhmwpe fender panel mold : 1020 X 4100 X (5~70)mm, 1260 X 2050 X (5~110)mm, 3720 X 1240 X (5~70)mm.


We can produce the color and dimension of the uhmwpe fender panel according to the requirement and drawing of customer.

Marine fender from Yutung industrial, your best choice.

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