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Cone Rubber Fender
Cone Rubber Fender

Cone Rubber Fender


Our cone rubber fender adopt cone rubber and full-new structure design of proposed steel structure, it is one of most excellent performance fender in that designed compress deformation rise from 52.5% to 70% if reaction force do not increase. Its emergence simplifies wharf structure and reduces the cost of quay wall construction, hence it is and ideal substitute of cell type rubber fender.
As a kind of over 10 year aged products, the cone type rubber fender is becoming a trend of quay design, and becoming a new level for quay wall fender design.
1. The energy absorption doubles comparing with the super cell rubber fender with same spec.
2. In the case with similar reaction force and energy absorption, small size cone type fender can substitute relative large supper cell type fender, i.e., 800h cone type fender can substitute 1000H super cell fender, which can reduce the cost of quay wall construction.
3. In the case of oblique berthing (less than a angle of 10°) , the performance can not be reduced, which is preferred to cone model.
4. The frontal frame (steel frame) are installed in front of fenders, which can reduce the surface pressure against vessel hull. The surface can be limited below 25t/m2, which is suitable to large vessel especially.
5. The super high density polyethylene pads are adhered to the frontal frame, which can reduce the friction factor between hull and fender to below 0.2, and can reduce the shear (horizontal force) exerted on fenders when vessel berth, which can prolong the service life of fenders.
6. The frontal frame adopts water-tight structure with high strength and better anti-rust performance.
7. The rubber cone is rarely damaged or impaired, because it never contacts the hull directly.

Specification and Performance

Typical Assembly of Cone Rubber Fender

Cone Rubber Fender are used with frontal frame as shown in the Typical Assembly of Cone Rubber Fender. And weight chain, shear and tension chain is designed occasionally depending on the design criteria.

Major accessories
Anchor bolt
Mounting the fender on a wharf or a dolphin
U anchor
To hang the rubber spring chain
Frontal frame
Protecting the hull of vessel
Frontal pad
Reducing the friction coefficient and protecting the ship's hull
Weight chain
Support of frontal frame
Shear chain
Restraining the shearing deflection of the fendering system
Tension chain
Resisting stretching of the fender at partial compression
Steel mount
Increase fender deflection (equal to 0.5 times the fender height)

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